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What is cochlear implant surgery?

Previously, we profiled cochlear implants performed by our Director of Otology, Dr. Robert Yawn and shared an amazing success story performed by Dr. Joshua Wood

A cochlear implant is a cutting edge procedure that changes the lives of patients with hearing impairment and even profound deafness. UTHSC ENT is one of the only places in the region that offers this procedure, performing 40-50 successful cochlear implants per year.

Recently, our own Dr. Wood took our world class treatment to the next level by performing cochlear implant sugery in the youngest patient ever.

Success Story: Eleanor Nolen, Memphis, TN

At one month of age, Eleanor Nolen developed bacterial meningitis that resulted in hearing loss. Fluid in her ears had begun the ossification (hardening) process, leaving a small window of time for treatment.

Thankfully, our own Dr. Joshua Wood–one of the premiere pediatric ENTs in the country–stepped in!

The youngest recipient of a cochlear implant had previously been 3 months old; knowing they were racing against the clock, Dr. Wood performed Eleanor’s cochlear implant surgery at 2 months.

When the activation appointment came, the Nolens were thrilled to see their daughter responding to the sound of their voices!

Today, Eleanor’s cochlear implant has been a tremendous success–she can hear and will learn to speak just like any children her age.

“You could definitely tell that she recognized her parents’ voices and was smiling and interacting with them. It was definitely a touching moment.”  -Dr. Joshua Wood, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital & UTHSC ENT

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It’s our honor to perform cochlear implant surgery for patients of all ages. Eleanor’s story will inspire countless others.

If your child is experiencing hearing impairment, our Pediatric division should be your first call! We’re here to help, and we’d love to hear from you.

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