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“Essentially a deafness cure”: What is a cochlear implant?

Cochlear implants bypass the mechanisms of the inner ear and directly stimulates the hearing nerve with electrical signals. They can restore hearing for individuals with both partial and complete hearing loss, allowing help for those who were not fully assisted by hearing aids.

For many patients, cochlear implants are effectively a cure for deafness.

How can I get a cochlear implant?

Great news! UTHSC ENT has formed a brand new Cochlear Implant Collaborative led by Dr. Robert Yawn. Before now, patients in the Southeast traveled to Nashville or Birmingham for this game-changing procedure. Because the implant requires a few follow-up appointments, travel could become cumbersome and expensive.

Now, look no further than UTHSC ENT’s Dream Team! Memphis-area patients with hearing loss have a deafness cure right in their backyard.

Do cochlear implants work?

Yes! Hearing aids hearing aids simply take sounds and make them louder, but someone still may not be able to process those sounds. Cochlear implants can bypass that and directly stimulate the cochlear nerve which essentially transfers audio to the brain.

A cochlear implant actually sends signals electronically to the inner ear.

“Essentially it’s a cure for deafness.” -Dr. Robert Yawn

Is it right for me?

First, there’s cost: while hearing aids are often not covered by insurance, cochlear implants are different. They are typically covered by most commercial insurance, along with Medicare.

With Dr. Yawn’s cochlear implant surgery, there is no age limit for prospective patients. However, you do have to undergo testing to determine candidacy.

“The key is establishing candidacy, so there’s some medical and audiologic criteria you have to meet with respect to your hearing loss,” Dr. Yawn explained. “But if you are – through the course of your evaluation – deemed to be a candidate, then they are covered by most insurance providers.”

How can UT’s “Dream Team” help?

UTHSC ENT has formed a game-changing Cochlear Implant Collaborative. Led by M. Robert Yawn, M.D., UT is among the only places in the South that offers cochlear implants.

Deafness Cured: Watch Carolyn Minga’s Success Story!

Click to see Dr. Yawn and happy patient Carolyn Minga talk about her experience! Like Carolyn, you deafness cure might be just around the corner! Contact us today for world class treatment in your hometown.

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