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What is tracheal stenosis?

Tracheal stenosis refers to abnormal narrowing of the trachea that restricts your ability to breathe normally. The trachea is also commonly known as the “windpipe.” Additionally, tracheal stenosis can be referred to as subglottic stenosis.

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And the success stories are rolling in!

What causes tracheal stenosis?

–Trauma to the throat or chest
–Infections (viral or bacterial), including tuberculosis
–Autoimmune disorders such as sarcoidosis, papillomatosis, granulomatosis and amyloidosis
–Tumors, benign and malignant
–Radiation therapy to the neck or chest

Treatments for tracheal stenosis:

While many treatments for tracheal stenosis involve surgery, our “Voice Box Doctor”–Sandra Stinnett, M.D.–prides herself on non-invasive procedures for the voice and airway.

Time and again, Dr. Stinnett’s personal touch ensures that her patients received specialized care. She understands that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Enjoy this success story highlighting The Voice Box Doctor’s treatment for one patient’s tracheal stenosis.

Success Story: Libi Riggs, Memphis, TN

I was diagnosed with Tracheal Stenosis over four years ago. I was having surgery, performed under anesthesia at a hospital each year. This surgery opened up my airway until the regrowth of the tissue. Then I would have the surgery again.

After several surgeries I was referred to Dr Stinnett. The doctor did a great job explaining another option of in office steroid injections. I was thrilled to hear about another option! I appreciated that Dr Stinnett did not immediately recommend another surgery. The injections have worked as well, if not better, that the surgery.

Dr Stinnett is a smart, forward-thinking doctor. She has great bedside manner. Her office staff is very efficient. I have had and continue to have exceptional care as her patient. I am so thankful to have found an easier less invasive procedure. I would absolutely recommend Dr Stinnett to friends and family.

-Libi Riggs

What makes UTHSC ENT different?

Our Dream Team of ear, nose, and throat doctors are fellowship-certified and highly collaborative. As Dr. Stinnett’s profile shows, our department combines world class treatment with a human touch.

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