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Our new Sleep Surgery Clinic

M. Boyd Gillespie, M.D. is the chair of our ENT department and director of our new Sleep Surgery Clinic. Recently, Dr. Gillespie moved the clinic to a beautiful Germantown location, perfectly-located near our patients out east.

Our Sleep Surgery Clinic is the only one of its kind in the region, offering cutting-edge procedures and technologies from our fellowship-trained specialist. We recently highlighted the Inspire device and the Airlift procedure, two game-changing treatments for sleep apnea.

Now, we’re thrilled to introduce: the DREAM study!

What is the DREAM study?

The DREAM study is a ground-breaking trial involving the Genio™ system. Implanted under the chin, the Genio™ system conducts stimulation energy to the hypoglossal nerve, resulting in the contraction of tongue muscles.

Our chair, Dr. M. Boyd Gillespie, explains:

“The Dream study is a research trial of a new device to treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The device works by providing stimulation to the tongue to prevent it from collapsing into the airway during sleep. The Nyxoah device has several unique features: (1) It is placed through an incision under the chin which is less visible; (2) It provides stimulation to both hypoglossal nerves instead of just a single nerve; (3) the battery source and electronic component are external and therefore can be recharged.”

Importantly, the device is being implanted commercially in Europe and Australia, but is under an FDA trial in the United States. Only a few places nationwide are performing these trials, and UTHSC ENT is one of them! As always, our Dream Team is at the vanguard, providing world class treatment in your hometown!

Who qualifies for the DREAM study?

Currently, if you meet these criteria, you might qualify:

  • Ages: 22-75
  • Body Mass index (BMI) ≤ 32 kg/m2
  • Has either: not tolerated, failed, or refused positive airway pressure (PAP) treatments.
  • Moderate to severe OSA (AHI 15-65 where combined central and mixed AHI ˂ 25% of the total AHI) based on PSG within 12 months.

How can UT’s “Dream Team” help?

Dr. Gillespie is the only sleep specialist in the area performing this life-changing procedure. Our Dream Team of ENT doctors continue to provide world class treatment in your hometown!

If you have sleep or snoring issues, we’d love to hear from you! Please call for an appointment to see if you qualify for this procedure: 901-737-3021

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M. Boyd Gillespie, M.D.

M. Boyd Gillespie, M.D.

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