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What is the Inspire device?

If you saw our recent post, “How To Stop Snoring,” you learned about a cutting-edge procedure we’ve adopted: the Inspire device for sleep apnea and snoring.

Led by M. Boyd Gillespie, our brand new Sleep Surgery Clinic has begun accepting patients for this game-changing procedure.

And the success stories are rolling in!

Success Story: Bobbie Hawkins, Memphis, TN

“I am so happy with my Inspire device that I sound like a commercial. I love it!

When I go to bed, I simply hold the Inspire remote to my upper chest where the Inspire was implanted and click “On”. That’s it!! When I wake up, I hold the remote to my chest again and click “Off”. It’s that simple.

My sleep apnea is controlled, I sleep better, my snoring has decreased dramatically (It will totally decrease as I increase the stimulation level in a few weeks.), and I don’t have to wear headgear with an attached nose mask and hose all night.

The CPAP machine has to be on a table, has to be washed daily, has to have filters replaced every few weeks, and must be refilled with distilled water daily. I also do not wake up with strap marks on my face each morning. Plus, the CPAP is an expensive charge to my insurance. It served its purpose until the Inspire came along to totally replace it. It’s like moving from riding a horse to a new car!

Dr. Boyd Gillispie and his staff were gracious and encouraging throughout the surgery prep, surgery, and follow-up visits. He was as concerned about my welfare as he was about my happiness with the new Inspire. His nurse, Mic, was especially helpful, answering all my questions and concerns and returning every phone call I made to her. I think that is amazing!”

-Bobbie Hawkins

Is the Inspire device right for me?

This post covers some basic FAQs about the procedure and its cost.

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