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Another Successful Sleep Apnea Surgery

Our new Sleep Surgery Clinic has quickly become the premiere clinic in the mid-South. We recently profiled the Inspire Device, a game-changing procedure we’ve adopted for snoring and sleep apnea.

But what makes us different is that we combine world class treatment with a personal touch. Each patient is different; therefore, their treatment should be unique.

In this success story, Dr. Gillespie targeted a different procedure: UP3 surgery for sleep apnea. 

Success Story: Andrew Allred, Memphis, TN

“My name is Andrew and, thanks to Dr. Gillespie and the Otolaryngology Department and UTHSC, I can dream again.

I had severe sleep apnea that caused me to stop breathing so many times per hour that my body never reached the needed levels of sleep to produce dreams. I was constantly tired, always in a bad mood, and lacked focus during the day that was as frustrating as it was dangerous both personally and professionally.

After determining that I did not get along with CPAP treatment, I sought out Dr. Gillespie based on his reputation in the Memphis and general ENT communities. After two office visits and some tests, he talked with me about a UP3 surgery, my only real option, that would essentially open my airways by removing excess tissue in my throat and soft palette.

From the beginning, he and his nurse, Michel Williams – aka “Mic”, gave me a very honest preview of the surgery by explaining that it would be painful, that recovery would take time, and while it likely would not completely cure me, it should reduce my apnea to a level where other, less invasive, treatments could be applied if needed. I was nervous, but their honesty and how they helped me weigh the positives and negatives are still very appreciated.

As I write this, I am two months and one day post surgery. I am thrilled.

As I mentioned, I am dreaming every night – something I never realized I was missing – and have so much energy during the day I feel like a 40 year old again.

Immediately after my surgery, in the recovery room, Dr. Gillespie checked on me four times and Mic checked on me many times over the next few weeks. That meant the world to me and they each showed such a level of care that I cannot ever remember receiving from a physician group.

In truth, the surgery post-op wasn’t pain free, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as they had prepared me. The recovery was long, but by following their very descriptive guidance, I had no issues and now actually look forward to sleeping every night. I don’t want to pretend it was all easy and I am in no way finished with the follow up, but, for me, it was absolutely the right decision in both the treatment and medical team.

In summary, if you are having sleep issues, this is the clinic and these are the practitioners that you must see.”

-Andrew Allred

Do I need sleep apnea surgery?

This post covers some basic FAQs about sleep apnea signs, symptoms, and potential treatments. Of course, we’re happy to answer any questions you have. Our Sleep Surgery Clinic provides world class treatment in your hometown and would love to hear from you.

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