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About Our Head and Neck Cancer Division

Because every patient is different, UTHSC ENT’s Head and Neck Cancer division is committed to personalized care. Led by Director of Head and Neck oncology Dr. John Gleysteen, we find successful treatments where others have failed.

Take David Horne from Memphis, Tennessee: after years of pain and invasive surgeries to remove a cancerous lump in his neck, his cancer persisted.

Then he found Dr. Gleysteen.

Success Story: David Horne, Memphis, TN

To anyone who may be seeking answers to your condition–including chronic pain, difficulty in swallowing, painful chewing, and ringing of the inner ear–then it is time to see Dr. John Gleysteen.

In my case, I had seen several ENT physicians who claimed that my problem was neuro-related. I was repeatedly referred to a neurologist. During this path of treatment, I had neck surgery and a micro decompression of the brain–all to no avail.

My situation included intense pain, which resulted in a host of other issues such as weight loss, fatigue, and loss of sleep. One day, after a year and a half and following two unnecessary major surgeries, I noticed a lump in my neck, so I went to have it seen. The physician ordered a biopsy of the lymph node, which was inconclusive. After another surgery to have it removed, it was found to be cancerous.

My wife and I quickly sought an oncologist, who then referred me to the Head and Neck cancer specialist, Dr. John Gleysteen. The Lord had answered my prayer.

Dr. Gleysteen examined me and found the problem that all others had been missing. He scheduled a surgical biopsy to determine where the cancer began and where it ended in order to stage the cancer. Unfortunately, after the biopsy, the surgery to remove the cancer would have been extremely invasive, taking away my ability to speak.

Dr. Gleysteen gave us hope by offering another form of treatment that yielded favorable results, involving a combination of chemotherapy and intense radiation. This December marked one-year post treatment with no detectable signs of cancer. Dr. Gleysteen continues to keep a close eye on my health by examining me every three months.

As a pastor, I believe that we all have our gifts from God. It is my belief that Dr. John Gleysteen is an instrument of healing. I thank God for placing him in my path.

Forever grateful,
David W, Horne

Lump In Your Neck? We Can Help

Lumps in the neck are extremely common and can be caused by many things: thyroid nodules, swollen lymph nodes, et al. While these symptoms appear in many people, their causes are varied. Some are benign, some are cancerous. Some require surgery, some don’t.

But all should be taken case-by-case and treated specifically for that patient. Like with Mr Horne, these unexplained symptoms led to several unsuccessful surgeries and months of chronic pain.


What makes UTHSC ENT different?

That’s one thing that makes UTHSC ENT’s Dream Team different: we offer personalized, collaborative treatment from world class specialiasts. If you’ve seen several doctors but your problem persists, it’s time you reached out!

We’d love to hear from you!

John Gleysteen, M.D.

John Gleysteen, M.D.

Director, Head and Neck Oncology

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