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What is Stensen’s duct?

Stensen’s duct, or the parotid duct, is the pathway for saliva to move from the parotid gland (major salivary gland) to the mouth. Named for Danish anatomist Niels Stensen, Stensen’s duct forms when several interlobular ducts—the largest ducts inside the parotid gland—join.

Mass removal: a delicate procedure

In today’s success story, a benign mass needed to be removed from the area surrounding the patient’s parotid duct.

As Laurie Prange outlines, this is a delicate procedure that requires a world class surgeon! Because Stensen’s duct is surrounded by facial nerves, Laurie might’ve risks facial paralysis in lesser hands.

Thankfully, she had UTHSC ENT’s Dream Team, led by Dr. M. Boyd Gillespie, at the helm!

Success Story: Laurie Prange, Nashville, TN

“I thank God every day that Dr. Gillespie did my surgery. I couldn’t have been in more capable hands.

An MRI revealed I had a slow-growing mass in my cheek, located on an accessory parotid gland. The mass was attached to the Stensen’s duct and had facial nerves passing around it. Prior to meeting with Dr. Gillespie, I was told there would be a real risk of facial paralysis removing this mass. I felt “wait and see” was not an option, as the larger the mass grew the more risky the surgery, and I wanted someone with high surgical experience to give me my best chance for a good outcome.

After researching my options, my husband and I made the 4 hour drive to Memphis to meet with Dr. Boyd Gillespie.

From the moment Dr. Gillespie first introduced himself, I knew I couldn’t be in better hands. He was steady, kind, and direct as he explained to me the risks of the surgery and how he would go about removing the mass. The surgery was scheduled.

His staff was top notch, especially Mic who was always patient answering my many questions and concerns.

During the procedure Dr. Gillespie meticulously separated the attached facial nerves AND Stensen’s Duct from the tumor before removing it all in one piece from the accessory parotid gland. I am convinced a less experienced surgeon could not have produced these results.

It has been about six weeks since the surgery and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! I have no facial paralysis, my facial symmetry is intact, the scar running down my neck is already barely noticeable, and most importantly the mass was benign!

Thank you Mic for your patience answering my many questions and concerns. And, THANK YOU Dr. Gillespie…your work is flawless!”

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